Why hybrid events are more inclusive

Many events managers are considering hybrid events for congresses and conferences now and in the future. One of the main reasons these events are being considered over a return to traditional physical ones is because they offer greater inclusivity for delegates.

Here are some reasons why hybrid events are more inclusive.


1. Reduced costs for delegates

For attendees, hybrid events are an attractive solution; they offer the opportunity to attend events online that were prohibitively expensive in their physical form due to conference ticket fees and travel and accommodation costs. For many, it opens up their conference calendar so that more events can be attended. Whereas before, their conference budget might have only stretched to a few conferences per year. With online attendance, they can plan a number of events to attend either as delegates, speakers or as an online sponsor.


2. Increased international reach

Lessening travel fees also means that events that were traditionally in far-flung places for the delegate are now that much easier to attend. So even if you are based in the UK, you can watch a live event that has its physical presence in another timezone. For discussions on handling speakers in different countries – check out our blog, managing speakers in multiple time zones.


3. Expanded audience

Having an online element can help open attendance to groups that couldn’t before. When we attended EASL’s International Liver Congress this year, they commented that the virtual aspect allowed nurses, medical students and junior doctors to participate in greater quantities than before. These groups are often time-poor as they are on call, working, or at lectures, so they can’t miss a full day or two days to attend critical medical events. But if they have the opportunity to log on and watch on-demand videos or visit the lecture hall in their own time, it makes it that much easier for them. Because of this influx of nursing staff, EASL may need to create spaces for nurses to network and offer talks that feature nursing staff speakers – further expanding their remit and making the congress relevant to more people.


4. A higher calibre of presenters

Moving events to hybrid doesn’t just offer opportunities for delegates; it also means that you can book speakers who might not be able to attend an entire event. These people may not be able to dedicate themselves to a full conference appearance but can set aside a morning to present and network. This means you can create a truly international list of speakers and also book premium speakers for slots. It’s also more cost-effective for conference organisers as they do not have to pay for travel, food and accommodation expenses for the speaker; just their presenting fee.


5. User-friendly accessibility

Giving the option to attend as an online representative can also be of value for people who find it a struggle to participate in in-person meetings, whether that’s because of an underlying health issue or a disability that makes it harder to travel and navigate a physical conference hall. Hybrid also opens up events to people who would prefer not to travel and then mingle at large events while COVID is still present due to infection rates and having to quarantine if exposed to the virus.

With these significant accessibility advantages, it’s easy to see why in a recent survey by Whova.com:

“49% of events organisers were planning some sort of hybrid event for the end of 2021 and beyond.”
Offering the flexibility to attend in one of two ways gives broader appeal and ensures that you can retain a conference presence whatever happens with your physical event.

Whova.com: Attendee expectations and organiser’s thoughts on hybrid

Offering the flexibility to attend in one of two ways gives broader appeal and ensures that you can retain a conference presence whatever happens with your physical event.


Hybrid makes it easier for your speakers to present from their homes and offices and lessens their expenses to attend physical events. A critical issue for hybrid events is ensuring your speakers are fully supported before, during, and after their sessions. GoRemote offers a unique service that will help your speakers to shine – contact us: info@goremote.team to discuss how we can help at your future hybrid events. 

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