The speaker’s journey

In order to achieve success in their session or on the stage, speakers must be confident, prepared and ready to present. When they arrive at the venue, there will be support from production and the ability to see the stage and understand the context of the event.

For virtual or hybrid speakers, their experience is somewhat different from those appearing in-venue. They require extra support through an added layer of technical checks and ensuring that they have the right tools to feel confident to present online – from wherever they are based. This is part of a wider process the production team should provide, providing levels of support from when they initially agree to participate up to their session on the day – what we call the speaker journey.

GoRemote has mapped out the speaker journey to show event managers how we can best support their speakers at every step. Here we share our three stages of a typical speaker at a large congress or conference and how our process can offer event management teams greater control and reassurance over the management of their virtual speakers. 

GoRemotes’ stages for a virtual speaker’s journey

GoRemote has developed a transparent, structured process that involves three simple stages for event management teams.

During the planning stage

We work with you to deliver on several key milestones to ensure that speakers have registered/booked and are aware of the event, prepare their materials ahead of time, and what to expect in the months leading up to the event.

The planning stage includes:

Email communications :

We create a clear, simple comms plan with you, which gives the speaker the right information at the right time through a series of scheduled emails and calendar invites. Our comms plan includes:

Booking system:

Speakers will book their pre-event check or recording slots through our specialist tools so that they can choose a time that suits them to be briefed and prepared well in advance of their session. It allows them to swap or change slots easily, sends calendar invites upon bookings, and makes the process of scheduling speakers easy.

Uploading talks:

We ensure that the speakers have uploaded their materials, whether PPT or other, with enough time for checks and any amends. This is done through a custom-branded event form, and the files are accessible by any member of the production team who needs access.

Reminder emails:

For speakers who have not completed all the steps from our previous emails, we can send them alerts to ensure that all speakers have done all the actions required for pre-event preparation – such as booking briefing slots or uploading their talks.

Before the event

Once all the presenters are booked in, we can start to get them ready for their session. So that they feel confident when they take to the stage, including:

Semi-automated checks:

We have developed a quick semi-automated checking tool that allows your speakers total flexibility to test their system at their convenience and in just a few minutes. Our experts then review every submission and are on hand to help them get the very best from their systems.

Recording Sessions:

If pre-recording is required, we manage these sessions to capture speaker content at the highest quality. This ranges from presentation content and debates through to full sessions.

One-to-one Speaker briefings:

We can undertake individual speaker checks or check speakers in small groups to test their setup and ensure they receive a full briefing. This ensures each speaker is technically ready and confident about how their session will run and what is expected from them.


We can manage and oversee rehearsal sessions with speakers and for sessions.

Client portal

Underpinning all of these processes is our Speaker Portal – where the production can access all the event’s speaker information and check up on sessions as well as view speaker data for insights into the event’s success. GoRemote’s unique portal allows events managers to have complete control and oversight before and during the event. This unique combination of people, tools and processes helps create the best journey for you and your speakers.

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