Making your future events more sustainable

Governments and organisations worldwide have made it clear that we need to reduce our carbon impact on the planet drastically. For event managers, this can be difficult, as so much of event planning relies on travel to a physical location, materials production, and energy usage. For an event to be truly sustainable, every aspect of event management must be carefully considered.

Preparing speakers for medical conferences 

Managing large events for medical professionals can offer specific challenges, especially in supporting and organising hundreds of speakers. When it’s a hybrid or a completely virtual event, managing doctors and professionals who are often pushed for time becomes even more complicated.

Livening up hybrid events for virtual delegates

Even though attending a virtual event is sometimes seen as a preference to going to a physical venue (due to travel, time constraints, budget etc.) Virtual can often seem a little stilted in comparison with the all-singing, all-dancing physical alternative.

Modelling your hybrid event

There are so many choices when it comes to developing a hybrid event. Hybrid events can take the shape of one or more elements (including audience and speakers) being online as well as at the event. 

Managing successful hybrid medical events

GoRemote has supported hundreds of doctors, HCP’s and other medical professionals at online and hybrid events. These large congresses (preCOVID) were held in halls and filled to capacity with thousands of attendees, but when these events transitioned online, they required new ways to manage and organise their speakers – a big task. That’s where GoRemote came in – providing the teams and technology to ensure presenters achieved professional, seamless sessions that worked for an online audience.

Why hybrid events are more inclusive

Many events managers are considering hybrid events for congresses and conferences now and in the future. One of the main reasons these events are being considered over a return to traditional physical ones is because they offer greater inclusivity for delegates.

When to plan a hybrid event

Hybrid events have become a hot topic in the events world. A few weeks ago, we discussed why you should choose hybrid in our blog . This new post outlines the pros and cons of opting for hybrid following the staggered return to physical events for Autumn 2021 and beyond.

9 interactive tools to help your event speakers to shine

For interactive and hybrid events, it’s crucial that speakers persuade their audience to stay for their entire session. However, it can be challenging to keep the attention of delegates that are logging in online. For virtual attendees, it’s tempting to continue working in the background, which can often mean that essential points are missed as the presentation isn’t given its full attention, or they log off if they feel the session is dull.

Managing speakers in multiple time zones

One of the most attractive benefits of virtual conferences is that people can join in from anywhere at any time. Meaning that your speakers can come from far-flung places, but unique challenges crop up when you have speakers all over the world in different time zones. Here’s some advice for events managers struggling with managing international events.

How to get the best technical set-up for virtual stage

For over a year GoRemote has been delivering dedicated virtual support, including the technical set-up, for speakers – whether they are presenting a webinar, holding a conference session, or hosting an important meeting. In that time, our producers and stage managers have developed a definitive list for the set-up of virtual stages, ideal for setting up your virtual stage – at home, in the studio or at the office.

Effective speaker management for large events

The backbone to any successful event is an excellent roster of speakers. Significant established events (or exciting new ones) can draw some brilliant speakers who are specialists in their field. In addition, many of these speakers are very well connected – if they have a good experience talking at a conference, they can become brand ambassadors to pull in people for your next event.

Why events managers should consider hybrid events

Speaker doing a virtual talk for a hybrid event

In 2020, the buzzword for events was virtual, but now more and more hybrid events are starting to be discussed /planned. Hybrid offers the best of both worlds – online talks to those who can’t attend in person and physical networking opportunities and events for those who can.