Event Content Services

Complete control over your event presentation and video assets

An advanced content management solution for events

Whether it’s a presentation or a video, content is at the heart of any quality event. However, all too often it’s poorly managed, with an unstructured approval processes, files arriving late and ad-hoc distribution on-site – leading to USB sticks being rushed to the stage last minute. This increases stress for your team and impacts the event experience.   

Experts in event content, we provide an end-to-end service which brings greater control and structure to event asset management. It combines a system to collect and organise files, backed by the expertise of our team of content managers and producers. 

A service and a system to collect, monitor, approve and distribute event content effectively and efficiently.

Easier to source and manage event content

Systematic and collaborative approval system

Secure and smart distribution on-site at the event

"When organising a very big event such as ChangeNOW, it's important to be able to fully trust the partners we work with, and this is the case with the GoRemote team."

Marie-Amelie, ChangeNOW

Unique end-to-end content management

Our service is supported by GoRemote Presentr, a bespoke tool designed for larger events - when it’s challenging to keep track of all the content that has been submitted. It’s easy to use and seamlessly integrates into your production workflow.

Branded upload forms

Speakers upload presentations, video or any other files, using an event branded form. In this, we capture key information, for example, if presentations contain video or polling.

Monitor assets in the portal

Upload status is logged against speakers in the portal, so you know who has, and hasn’t, submitted. Emails can be triggered to follow-up those that miss deadlines.

Collaborative approvals

Easily approve all content uploaded with your team and event partners. Metadata is tagged against all assets, so it’s clear for the event technicians what they are working with.

Secure file storage

Content is stored in a secure, cloud-based file system and organised by stage, session and speaker. This makes it easy for your technical team to access the files when they need them.

Onsite distribution

If you run multiple stages, you can link the files to download locally for each. Our expert team can be there with you, ensuring complete control over quality and management

Content production

Our designers and producers can also create high-quality presentation and video assets. Whether you need opening videos, highlights teams or onsite PPT Management we can help.

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