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Rich video responses and feedback at the click of a button

Generate unique event content, bolster marketing material and undertake deeper video-based surveying with our user-friendly user-gen video capture tool

Enhance your event with user-gen video

GoRemote Recordr offers exciting new opportunities to leverage the power of user-generated video for your event. With our intuitive, easy-to-use platform you can capture high-quality video from your audience, speakers and sponsors anywhere in the world and enhance the event experience.

"When organising a very big event such as ChangeNOW, it's important to be able to fully trust the partners we work with, and this is the case with the GoRemote team."

Marie-Amelie, Production Manager - ChangeNOW

Designed for range of applications

Our innovative browser-based service makes it quick and easy to gather video to support your event. Whether it’s for remote attendees to submit video questions played live, speakers to provide a brief overview of their presentations, or collecting in-depth feedback…Recordr offers unique new ways to engage your audience and enhance your event.

Pre-event teasers

Ask speakers and sponsors to record video teasers to promote their sessions and stalls to bolster your marketing efforts.

Video testimonials

Create compelling promo materials and drive future sales with video testimonials captured at past events.

Video based Q&A

Increase engagement and participation at your events and AGMs with authentic video questions to playback in Q&A sessions.

Advanced edits

Gather high quality user-generated videos for a wide range of video edits without the need for costly camera teams.

Surveying & research

Gain richer insight about what your audience thinks to improve future events or develop new products and services.

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How does it work

It’s simple to get started, and offers an intuitive interface for your participants to submit their video responses. Each player is fully customisable and can be branded to your event for a consistent user-experience.

Step 1


 Build your project, adding the questions to be answered

Step 2


Simply share a single link, accessible on mobile or desktop


Step 3


Participants submit responses through our intuitive platform


Step 4


Easily review and approve clips, and use to bolster your event


Key features

Recordr is designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. It can be used before, during, or after the event to collect engaging video responses and feedback.

  • Easy to use

    No app download required – access via a dedicated web page or embed on your own website

  • Flexible

    Capture multiple recordings per user, with optional time limits and skip options

  • Responsive

    Recordr works seamlessly across all device types with the option of fixed video orientation on mobile

  • Review

    Conveniently review, rate, approve, comment on and download submissions via our portal

  • Brandable

    Customise Recordr with your company logo and colours for a fully personalised user experience

  • Text forms

    Collect additional text-based information using custom forms configured for your needs

  • Secure

    All submissions are securely stored in our bespoke collaborative Recordr portal

  • Transcription

    All submissions are automatically transcribed with added sentiment analysis

Pricing and Packages

We offer a range of packages, including both one-off events and ongoing multi-event subscriptions. We can also setup custom plans, or production partnerships if you need a custom setup. Contact us to find out more. 

Free Trial

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  • Single event
  • 14 day trial period
  • Up to 10 Submissions
  • GoRemote branding


Standard subscription for running one project at a time
  • 1 live project at a time
  • Up to 50 Submissions p/m
  • Custom player branding
  • Collaborative portal


Advanced subscription to run multiple concurrent projects
  • Up to 3 concurrent players
  • Up to 150 Submissions p/m
  • Custom player branding
  • Collaborative portal
  • Partner & client access

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