GoRemote Recordr

Boost event engagement with our user-friendly online video collector

A simple, secure platform which allows your audience to submit high-quality video questions or feedback to enhance your event experience.

Create richer event experiences

Looking to increase participation and interaction at your events?

Our innovative browser-based service makes it quick and easy to gather video to support your event. Whether it’s for remote attendees to submit video questions played live, speakers to provide a brief overview of their presentations, or collecting in-depth feedback, Recordr has got you covered. 

Fully customisable and branded, our platform offers a more engaging experience for remote audiences, promoting active involvement before, during and after your event.

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Key features

Quick & easy to use

No app download required - access via a dedicated web page or embed on your own website

High-quality recordings

Our specialised service guarantees optimal video and audio quality before recording

Branded experience

Customise with your logo and colours for a fully personalised event experience

Custom forms

Collect extra text-based information using custom forms configured for your needs

Secure storage

Submissions are securely stored in our bespoke collaborative GoRemote portal

Review & approve

Conveniently review, rate, approve, and comment on submissions via the portal

Auto transcriptions

All submissions are automatically transcribed and accessible via the portal

Easy download

Quickly access and download video submissions from our secure storage

How can Recordr enhance your event?

Recordr is designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. It can be used before, during, or after the event to collect engaging video responses and feedback.

Generate promo content

Recordr offers a simple, cost-effective way to gather diverse video content ahead of your event.

Engage remote audiences

Improve remote audience engagement by providing a simple method to submit video questions around the event.

Gather in-depth feedback

Recordr enables the collection of richer, feedback through video submissions for post-event analysis.

How does it work?

GoRemote Recordr is a full end-to-end service, giving you complete oversight and control of all submissions via our bespoke portal.

1. Request a new event

Easily create new events in the portal, tailored to your specific needs

2. Gather your video clips and questions

Share a link with your audience via email or embed it on your website

3. Review, rate and approve

Review, rate, comment on and approve videos within our collaborative portal

4. Download videos for playback

Effortlessly download videos from our secure cloud storage