GoRemote: One year on

As we celebrate GoRemote’s first anniversary, we look back on what this past year has meant for our professional event production and speaker support business.

We discuss how we have grown our services from the ground up – taking our unique approach and applying it to world-class virtual events – including large international medical congresses and diplomatic forums.


How GoRemote began

Last year, our founders Ben, Gus and Luke (all experienced in handling large, technically-complex events) saw a rapid change in the conference landscape. COVID 19 restrictions had meant that organisations had to quickly switch to virtual environments to stage their events. With this transition online, speakers often had to wrangle with unknown virtual staging platforms and new pressures, leaving many ill-prepared, never having presented in front of a webcam before.

“In the physical world, Stage Managers greet, brief, and support speakers, ensuring they are prepared and confident ahead of their sessions. In the virtual world, speakers might be asked to join a conference with little or no professional support or preparation. The digital events world needed a new approach to help support those speaking at events”.Gus, Co-founder GoRemote

Ben and Gus had access to an extensive existing network of highly experienced event managers and producers; from this, they assembled a team with the skills to serve the needs and challenges faced by the events industry. Luke, who had been working in large digital builds for many years brought a unique perspective and started to develop new systems that were specially designed to work in this new world.  With this winning combination, they were confident that GoRemote could help raise the bar in the delivery of virtual events, focusing first on the speaker experience.


One year on

In just a few months after the launch of GoRemote, the team was providing virtual stage management for hundreds of speakers across various industry verticals. Our team has supported a range of significant talks, including speeches from former presidents, billionaire entrepreneurs and Nobel peace prize winners. Visit our case studies page to view some of our high-profile clients like the Paris Peace Forum and EASL (an internationally recognised hepatology organisation).

Our bespoke systems, initially created for our first few congresses, have now evolved into a suite of easy-to-use tools and video tutorials to help get your speakers event-ready and gives production teams more control.


What’s next?

This two-pronged approach of on-hand support from a dedicated virtual stage manager, matched with technology to help guide and prepare speakers, is starting to resonate with event managers. As more organisations and agencies realise the value of our services, we are gaining an impressive list of reputable clients in varied disciplines, including sports, finance, governance and sustainability. We cannot wait to use our tools and expertise to help them create sessions that look and sound great.


Why choose GoRemote for your event?

Confident, happy and prepared speakers will significantly impact the overall event experience for your delegates. A well-managed speaker journey means:

  • Fewer issues and reduced risk for the production team
  • More engaging sessions for the audience
  • A superior event experience for sponsors and speakers
  • Great control and oversight over delivery

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