Offer your speakers the red carpet treatment

Following these tips, you can offer remote speakers VIP treatment and create a memorable event for all involved.

Over the last few years, remote speakers have become a regular feature at events, conferences, and meetings. With the improvements in video conferencing and event technology, choosing to present from home or the office instead of attending an external meeting or expensive out-of-country event has become an increasingly attractive alternative. 

It could be that remote speakers attend online because it’s more convenient, but from an event organiser’s perspective, it also allows the opportunity to invite speakers who might not otherwise consider it. Special guests or industry leaders for whom travelling halfway around the world would be impossible, but jumping on a zoom call is easy to do.   

These speakers add value and bring a fresh direction to discussions. They have the potential to engage audiences, offer new ideas, and provide a unique perspective that can inspire and educate others. Because of their star quality, it’s essential that, despite their remoteness, they receive the care and attention that they deserve.

Here’s some advice to help you ensure that your remote speakers get the red carpet treatment.

Clear Communication

Regular communication in the lead-up to the event is crucial in ensuring that remote speakers feel valued and included. Discuss their expectations, requirements, and the technical aspects of their presentation. In the time leading up to the event, ensure they have a clear email or document so it’s easy to access key details in one place and undertake a one-to-one briefing so you can talk through how the event will run and answer any questions they have. 

GoRemote’s virtual stage management and remote onboarding process ensures that all your speakers receive emails with simple and clear instructions and attend briefings before, so they are confident and fully prepared ahead of the event.

These lines of communication mustn’t drop off on the day; your speakers need access to immediate support throughout their presentation in case anything goes awry. So having someone who welcomes them online at the event, and can be there in the background is vital too.

Personal Touches

Treat remote VIP speakers as if they were there in person by providing them with a dedicated management process that’s in place from the outset. For any speaker that is at the venue, you will likely be paying for flights, transfers, hotels and meals. It’s well worth spending a small fraction of this amount on your remote speakers to give them the best experience possible online.

GoRemote offers a bespoke speaker management service that ensures your speakers feel valued and looked after. Our virtual stage managers have helped thousands of incredible speakers to get to their stages, including Presidents and Nobel Prize winners (at the Paris Peace Forum), Celebrated experts like primatologist Dr Jane Goodall at ChangeNOW, top professors at important medical congresses held by organisations such as EASL and ESOT and entrepreneurs and CEOs at several high-value business conferences and internal meetings. GoRemote’s unique blend of tools, processes and people will ensure that your event runs without a hitch, no matter the calibre of your speakers.

Checks and Testing

Conducting a test run before the event is essential to ensure everything works correctly. Testing your speakers’ technical set-up will help identify any difficulties that may arise before the presentation, such as microphone or camera issues. A smooth checking process can help the speaker feel more confident and less nervous when presenting to the audience.

GoRemote has developed a service that allows speakers to check their set-up and get recommendations from us to address any issues in advance of their talk, panel or meeting.

Checkr is a semi-automated checking service that takes three minutes to complete and offers advice from our GoRemote professionals to perfect how your speakers will come across. You can sign up for a free trial of Checkr at the end of this article.


Your speaker’s technical set-up is critical to a successful remote presentation. Ensure that they have access to high-quality equipment that will elevate their production. A good microphone, better lighting and a high-speed internet connection will work wonders for your speakers. 

Additionally, you should provide clear instructions on using any technology or software you are planning for the event, including your choice of conference, video or recording platform. Ensure they are also briefed for attending networking, Q&A, polling and chat sessions if these are included before and after the talk.

GoRemote has developed a guide on how to manage remote event speakers, including aspects of their technical setup – click here to download the eBOOK:


Even though they appear remotely, your high-profile speakers still take time out of their busy schedules to present/meet/network during your event. You need to thank them for their participation and introduce them in such a way that thanks them for their participation, highlights their achievements, and shares their contact information with attendees. This can foster future collaborations and encourage attendees to learn more about their business.

Speakers attending physically are recompensed for their attendance through hospitality measures such as dinner, travel and hotel costs paid. To thank speakers for their online attendance, sending gifts to their office or home might be necessary. Also, make sure that they are in the loop of conference goings on, including any networking or chats with attendees that they can attend remotely. 

Remote speakers play a vital role in events and conferences. So organisers must treat them with respect and care and ensure that every part of the experience is communicated and supported to ensure a successful event.

Following these tips, you can offer remote speakers VIP treatment and create a memorable event for all involved. GoRemote offers stage management and tools to help give more of a personal touch to event onboarding, including our semi-automated Checkr service; try it for free today.

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