Controlling all the virtual moving parts of your hybrid event

With many congresses and conferences opting for a hybrid event structure for 2022, events teams will have to combine the virtual and physical event expectations into one seamless show. This crosses many areas, from interactivity through to platform management and speaker support.

When you have so many balls to juggle with hybrid, it can be challenging to keep control of your event while making it cost-effective and ensuring the best possible experience for your speakers and attendees. However, when done well, hybrid provides numerous opportunities for audiences, sponsors and event organisers. In this article, we explore some of the key ways we can work with hybrid event organisers to help deliver these complex events efficiently and effectively, particularly in relation to virtual speaker management.

Expert teams

There are often world-class speakers on the agenda for large congresses who expect excellent treatment regardless of whether they appear online or in-venue. GoRemote has worked hard to gather together a global team of Virtual Stage Managers who have the knowledge and expertise of working with all sorts of speakers, from well-respected medical specialists to Nobel prize winners and prominent politicians and change-makers. Our team consistently provides these leading names with the information, technology and support to give their best possible talk. In combination with these tools, it’s essential that you also have a team that can be there for your talent so that they feel looked after and confident for their session.

Simplify the process

There are so many processes for each part of the event that certain things often get overlooked, or the team can feel overwhelmed, especially if they are time-stretched and have to focus on the physical conference and virtual space. GoRemote has developed a quick and easy system to check-in speakers to an event. Using this, we can know who has turned up and who hasn’t – and we can determine the next steps – i.e. calling them to find out if they’re able to do the session. Having all this information in one place means greater control and visibility over a significant part of your event – getting your speaker to stage.

More control with automation

Virtual aspects of conferences offer some great tools to keep a tighter hold on your event management. For example, to minimise the time required to check each and every speaker’s set-up GoRemote offers their clients a semi-automated check service where speakers can answer a set of simple questions and get a result on what to change to improve their session. Using technology to get quick answers can expedite a lot of the day-to-day management of a congress while allowing you control over data that comes back from your delegates and speakers.


One feature of virtual or hybrid is the use of multiple bits of software so that your event might be hosted on one platform, the speaker’s whereabouts housed somewhere else. And also, you might have access to a bunch of apps added on for attendee interactions, such as polling and Q&A. With a proliferation of different types of proprietary tech, sometimes they don’t all play well together.

We work with – and suggest using – trusted and tested software and are perfectly at home with many platforms. GoRemote is platform-agnostic, so we have developed our software as a stand-alone tool that works well with existing tech, so there are no worries about integrations.

Partnering up for the best experience

For event management teams, it is crucial that they offer speakers and delegates the very best experience while they are involved with the event. If something is poorly managed, it will have a knock-on effect for your speakers and attendees, leading to attendees leaving or choosing to visit another event next year and your speakers thinking twice about agreeing to talk at this or one of your other events. The key pillars of people (your team), processes and tools must be in place to ensure a seamless and successful experience. For time-strapped teams partnering with event specialists such as GoRemote will provide better control over your speaker management.

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