Introducing Checkr – a new remote speaker check service from GoRemote

GoRemote's simple-to-use 3-minute check-up that identifies issues and provides expert advice for remote presentations for any event.

Why we developed Checkr

GoRemote has recently released its tool to assess and check the setup of speakers who appear at virtual and hybrid events. It is a web-based service suitable for anyone in the events arena, including event organisers, producers and production managers.

Although most of the world knows how to get a good home or office setup when appearing at events online, for the event organisers, remote speakers bring risk, additional workload and the potential for lower-quality video.

As the world’s foremost remote speaker management company, we’ve spent the last few years briefing and checking remote speakers for high-profile events. From professors to politicians, doctors to business directors, we’ve supported thousands to look and sound their best ahead of their event session or talk. Testing tech and getting people ready to present is something that GoRemote excels at; we have dedicated virtual stage managers who are in contact with the speaker from early checks and briefings right through to their session.

Our knowledge and expertise from this have led us to develop this unique tool – ensuring that event organisers retain more control and the highest quality for their remote participants.

What is Checkr?

It’s a simple-to-use 3-minute check-up that identifies issues and provides expert advice for remote presentations for any event, from large-scale congresses to internal meetings. Our team reviews each submission, giving them a score and highlighting areas for improvement. Speakers can use this feedback to improve their setup, and your event team has access to the detailed data and information.

Benefits of using Checkr

The tool is a simple and low-cost solution that addresses many common problems event organisers encounter at virtual and hybrid events, including:

  • Easily identify problem speakers
    Many speakers will have pretty good systems, but out of 10 speakers, one or two might be problematic. Our system allows for quick speaker identification, so you can resolve any issues before the event and not have issues and problems on the day.
  • Raise the quality of your event
    Even experienced speakers can make adjustments to improve their setup, whether this is tweaks to lighting or better framing. Less professional speakers can make changes that create even more impact, for example, with advice on audio devices. Ultimately, improving the quality of your remote speakers means a much higher quality event experience for your production, audience and other stakeholders.
  • Empower your team with better information
    With Checkr, you get in-depth technical details and video recording samples of all your speakers. This gives your technical and production teams the necessary information to understand every speaker completely. You can take action and address any issues well before the event day.
  • Lessen time, effort and cost
    Performing in-person pre-event checks is time-consuming. Instead, through the portal, you can quickly review all the results and focus resources on those who really need them.
  • Reduce uncertainty and stress
    Many remote speakers remain an ‘unknown factor’ until the event day. Our tool gives greater control and oversight across your remote speakers, reducing uncertainty and, ultimately, stress for your team.

In addition, the tool is platform agnostic, so whether you are using Teams, Zoom or Vmix – it gives you the extra information you need to make informed decisions. Best of all, it’s low-cost. This small amount could mean the difference between a disastrous session – with speakers who are challenging to understand or who drop out altogether – compared to a smooth and high-quality event experience. Ben Axtell, a co-founder of GoRemote, said about this new addition to their range of services:


“Checkr offers events teams a cost-effective, flexible and quick option of checking all their remote speaker’s set-ups, including sound, camera, connection and lighting to ensure that everyone gets confidently to the stage – looking and sounding their best.”


About GoRemote

GoRemote are an expert virtual and hybrid events production agency – they are the team and tools behind world-leading events, including the International Liver Congress, The Paris Peace Forum and ChangeNOW. GoRemote comprises an experienced team of Virtual Stage Managers and tools and processes especially developed for remote event speaking. Checkr is just one of the tools that they offer.

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