GoRemote Checkr

Take control of your remote speakers

A cost-effective speaker checking service that ensures your speakers get to their stage looking and sounding their best.

What is Checkr?

A unique system to test and optimise your remote speakers' sound, image and network.

The quality of remote speakers has improved a lot, yet they are still a major cause of risk at events. All too often, issues are only identified on the day, by which point it can be too late. That’s why we developed GoRemote Checkr.

It’s a simple, browser-based tool designed specifically for virtual and hybrid events. Solving many issues brought about by remote presenters, it gives production teams greater oversight for this important aspect of their event.

Improve the quality of your remote speakers

Better audio & video quality

Reduced uncertainty and risk

Greater control at your event

How does it work?

The test takes speakers just a few minutes to complete. Event organisers retain full oversight with access to speaker statistics via the event speaker portal.

1. Add your speakers

Set up your event and enter speaker details. Speakers receive an email to log-on and complete the check.

2. Speakers undertake the test

Speakers complete the check at their convenience. Our team scores each test, identifying areas for improvement.

3. Get feedback & results

Speakers can use feedback to improve their setup and, if necessary, retest. Organisers have access to all results via the portal.

"...Thanks to their tailor-made tools for collecting technical data and reporting to the project team, GoRemote was a key factor in the success of this event..."

Philippe, Bluemotion

Designed specifically for

virtual & hybrid events

GoRemote was founded at the start of 2020 when events moved to virtual. Our primary focus was supporting remote speakers so they were ready for stage. We developed Checkr to be a quick and easy way to get remote speakers looking and sounding their best.

Checkr captures a short segment of video and key statistics, including:

Want to try Checkr?

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If you just want to get in touch to chat, feel free to email us on:  info@goremote.team and one of our team will get back to you.