Video first – why the quality of event videos matter

  Video quality is a vital component to consider when presenting online. Studies have shown that individuals who believed they looked good on calls are more confident, and participants rate them as more competent and find it easier to focus and remember the content with higher quality video.  However, it’s not always clear to know […]

Why connectivity is key for remote speakers

Connection is vitally important for presenting online, and although much of this is outside your control, there are elements you can improve from your home or office. I’ll caveat that I’m not an IT engineer, so coming at this more from the AV and presenting angle. Despite this, hopefully, this article will have some valuable […]

Why lighting is paramount for remote speakers

Lighting is one of the most essential factors for video conferencing, second only to audio in terms of the audio-visual side. Lighting impacts not only your overall look but importantly, the quality of your video. A good amount of light allows your camera to provide the best quality image. It’s much better (in our opinion) […]

Managing Medical Events 

For event management and production teams involved with medical organisations, we have developed a range of tools and processes to ensure that their remote speakers are prepared in advance and confident to deliver their sessions. Here we share some advice for managing remote speakers at medical events. 

Putting your remote speakers in the frame

Framing may often seem like a subtle and secondary consideration for speakers, as it’s more important to hear and see the speaker first. However, if a screen is too low or too high, it can be difficult for the audience to engage with someone who isn’t looking directly at them.

Why audio is important for remote speakers

  Audio is critical for remote speakers and presenting online, most audiences can cope with a poor picture and dropouts, but if they can’t hear the speaker, they’ll switch off. Getting your audio clear and crisp isn’t that difficult to achieve; it might simply be the case of investing in a good headset or some […]

Overcome challenges in managing your remote event speakers with GoRemote’s new eBook

  GoRemote has recently released a Guide to Getting Remote Speaker Management Right, which is available to download here.In it, we offer advice and insight into our area of expertise, along with practical tips and tricks that we have learnt through our experiences managing virtual speakers at numerous world-class congresses and events. Full of real-world […]

Attract VIPs and enhance the audience experience with remote sessions

  In events management, remote speaker sessions are assumed to have smaller attendance than physical face-to-face sessions; often, people cite lack of interactivity or not being ‘in the room’ with the speaker as reasons that attendees prefer them less. However, GoRemote has seen that when the remote sessions are with a high-profile speaker, attendees will […]

Adopting ESG for virtual and hybrid events

Organisations, consortiums and businesses are focusing on ESG elements (environmental, social, governance) to effect real cultural change and growth within their industry. For forward-looking companies getting ESG priorities right is becoming a key driver for success for their stakeholders and how their end-users and clients perceive the company.

Controlling all the virtual moving parts of your hybrid event

With many congresses and conferences opting for a hybrid event structure for 2022, events teams will have to combine the virtual and physical event expectations into one seamless show. This crosses many areas, from interactivity through to platform management and speaker support.

Why we should retain hybrid events

In the past few months, many events have been returning to a purely physical approach, removing the virtual experience and all that events teams and attendees gained from having an online element to a congress or conference. Here we discuss what we might lose in moving back to in-venue and why hybrid is the smarter way for conference organisers to move forward.

The speaker’s journey

In order to achieve success in their session or on the stage, speakers must be confident, prepared and ready to present. When they arrive at the venue, there will be support from production and the ability to see the stage and understand the context of the event.