Paris Peace Forum 2020

Client: BlueMotion

Sector: Global Governance

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Paris Peace Forum brings together hundreds of speakers from around the world for an event that looks to find the solutions to the pressing issues of our time. It hosts the best and brightest from government, business, NGO’s, International organisations, academia, media and much more. Previously a physical event in 2020 it went virtual for the first time.

The challenge was to ensure over 200 high-profile speakers not only connected to the event platform, but that they looked and sounded great when they did so.

It was critical for the event organisers that the event retained the same level of quality set in previous years. This time however under the additional pressure of all speakers joining remotely, each demanding a premium level of service and attention. Ensuring quality sound and video for each attendee was key, not only for the speakers themselves, but to give the online audience a flawless viewing experience. With multiple companies working to deliver the event it also was essential that every team was aligned and had clear and timely information.

Our role

A large number of companies work to make the Paris Peace Forum a success. Auditoire, an events and communications agency managed event production, and Paris based BlueMotion oversaw the technical streaming aspects. We joined to support the management and onboarding of speakers to the event, as well as the communications systems that allowed each partner to more easily deliver the event.

At the heart of the process was GoRemote’s Virtual Stage Management System (VSMS). 

This not only supported the team of virtual stage managers, an expert group of multilingual event professionals whose role it was to brief each speaker in person, but also gave each event partner a live overview of each speaker and their status.

To ensure the event went smoothly from a speaker perspective, the process of onboarding was split into two stages. 

  1. Pre-event speaker checks – designed to test and optimise speakers’ setup, help to brief speakers on the event and answer any questions.
  2. Onboarding process on the day of the event – the aim of which was to get people onto the platform on time for their session.

The aims were to ensure speakers had the smoothest experience possible and were fully briefed for their session, but also to achieve the best sound and video setup possible. This meant adjusting camera shots, creating a consistent ‘look & feel’ and making sure they had a stable connection. Each speaker check was automatically logged in the Virtual Stage Management System and assigned a stage manager from the team.  

For the Paris Peace Forum, the challenge was to integrate nearly 200 high-level speakers, it took a unique team and skills to manage them, and not surprisingly, the GoRemote team was exceptional. Thanks to their professionalism and their tailor-made tools for collecting technical data and reporting to the project team, Go Remote was a key factor in the success of this event.Phillipe – BlueMotion CEO

Briefings in general took between 15-60 minutes to complete and data captured in a structured and concise way. The results were analysed and made accessible to the various stakeholders. Any issues were flagged, and follow up tasks actioned, ensuring all event partners remained fully aligned.  

By the day of the event, 90% of the speakers had passed checks and deemed ready for their session. Any that experienced issues were advised to arrive early fully test their setup. This process eased pressure on the production team in the midst of the busy event, and ensured difficult cases were resolved well before the session start time.  

As speakers joined the platform it would trigger “mission control’ and update speaker status to ‘arrived’. This status change could be seen by each production partner and triggered teams to move into action. Virtual stage managers and event staff would undertake a final briefing, and the technical elements were quickly plugged in. If required, pre-event speaker checks could be accessed at the click of a button. 

The data collected during test allowed speakers to be prioritised based on a range of factors, with some requested to arrive early in case of issues.

Each event partner had their own unique dashboard which showed the event and speaker information in real-time, with upcoming sessions, and information on who had arrived, and where each was in the onboarding process. These production overviews combined with audio comms backchannels, ensured every team was kept fully aligned at every point of the event.


Overall, GoRemote provided an amazing service that far exceeded our expectations and was found to be essential for the smooth running of an event.Phillipe – BlueMotion CEO

The team of virtual stage managers and management system ensured a highly efficient and effective onboarding system. Using the GoRemote dashboard to monitor arrivals meant that the production was able to meet the speaker within 1 minute of their arrival on the platform. At all stages teams were fully  informed of who had arrived and when,, so that they could respond accordingly. This ability to quickly react and stay in sync ensured a quality speaker experience.

The structured and data driven approach to the speaker management process was instrumental in ensuring speakers successfully reached their session. The result was the successful onboarding of 100% of all the speakers that arrived for their session.

Feedback from all event partners was extremely positive,  both for the management system and ‘event dashboard’, as well as the expert GoRemote team of virtual stage managers that met the speakers and managed their onboarding.

Large online events have become a new normal, however with so many remote speakers, you need the right tools and team to manage the process.

The model used for the Paris Peace Forum offers a blueprint for speaker management at virtual events. Whether for large scale virtual events, congresses or for events featuring high-profile speakers. The combination of actionable data to identify issues before they occur, dashboards to align the production teams and ease logistics, and a professional team to meet and great speakers makes running events easy. Resulting in not only a smooth event for the production team and organisers, but critically providing an outstanding speaker and audience experience.

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