Mobile World Congress

Client: Dorier

Sector: Technology

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We worked closely with Dorier, one of Europe’s leading production companies and event agencies, with a long history of working with MWC on their events. When MWC was fully virtual in 2021, the decision was made to prerecord a significant amount of the content for playback.

Our team has extensive expertise in content production and management for events and online media, with a team of experienced video producers. We were brought on board to help plan, manage, and produce recording sessions ahead of the event to ensure that the content captured was of the highest quality. 

Our role

Our role on the project included producing the recording sessions, guiding presenters to get the best takes, and overseeing the recording process.

We also arranged and booked recording slots with all speakers, with two types of sessions single person and group discussions.

Additionally, we collected presentation and prerecorded content using our content upload and management system, liaising with the client and MWC to ensure that the process was managed efficiently and to the highest standards


With speakers attending from around the world, scheduling presenters posed a challenge. To solve this, we built a bespoke session booking system to ease the process and accommodate group bookings. Additionally, with a large amount of content to produce, we developed a system to smooth the editing process, clearly logging takes and session information.

Ultimately, the content produced was of a very high standard, as expected
for such a highprofile event. Our skilled team, both across the planning and content production, played a major role in the success of the project

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