International Liver Congress 2020

Client: EASL

Sector: Medical

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Ordinarily held in large congress centres, this year the event went fully virtual for the first time.  With hundreds of speakers, and thousands of attendees, all joining online – EASL were looking for an organisation that could help manage and support their speakers to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Given the huge changes compared to their traditional congresses, there was a need to help develop strong communications systems between the teams who were split across multiple countries and have a team that offered broader virtual event expertise and advice.

Our role

We took on a number of roles to support EASL across the three-day event. This included planning and setting up communication systems and issue escalation processes in advance so all the stakeholders and providers could work together effectively.

At the event itself our expert team of Virtual Stage Managers  (VSM) oversaw each of the 7 streams that hosted the various content tracks throughout day. Each VSM oversaw the speaker briefing; contacted late or missing speakers; was the key point of contact for speaker and organiser questrions; worked with, and managed, the sessions themselves from a technical perspective; and escalated any issues or requests to the correct person within the wider event team.

Finally, we collected data and information form every session, including missing speakers, issues that arose, positive quotes from speakers, and also any suggestions for improvements. This was all compiled into a full post-event report which explored both data on how the sessions ran, but also suggestions and ideas for future consideration.

We really enjoyed the friendly relationship we have developed with your team through the 3 days of the D-ILC. Its efficiency and professionalism in delivering a high quality service that was up to our delegates & Faculty’s expectations did not go unnoticed and was very much valued by all.Claire – EASL Events Manager


Over 50% of the issues faced on the event were related to speakers having difficulty with the technical setup before the event. As one of our main roles was to ensure that the speakers were fully versed with the system and interactivity tools used, and fully confident when they joined the event live, we solved these issues and helped give every speaker the confidence when they were live. This was referenced as a major benefit for EASL, and ensured many of these potential issues didn’t affect the show or audience experience.

In addition, the communication systems and daily review meetings we organised, allowed the team to develop and tweak systems each day, which ensured both the various teams were better aligned and also made the event run more smoothly. This, alongside the clear and informative reporting, were both cited by EASL as highly valued aspects of the service we provided.

It has been a real pleasure to be working with GoRemote on this new event format which proved to be a success, with a record-breaking participation of more than 7500 connected delegates representing 114 different countries.Claire – EASL Events Manager

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