CIGRE: Virtual Centennial Session

Client: BlueMotion

Sector: Engineering

Speakers successfully onboarded


Turnaround of virtual event

2 weeks


The Palais des Congrès de Paris contacted us as one of their clients (CIGRE) was looking for a partner to manage their remote speakers. They called us less than 2 weeks before their event, which was 100% virtual.

We partnered with Pro4Events (AudioVisual) and our friends from BlueMotion (Live streaming), who deployed all the technical infrastructure.

The event was huge, with over 700 speakers, spread across two weeks (10 session days in total) and across 8 parallel stages and channels.

Our role

We organised and managed the speaker database throughout the event, with 2 staff onsite in Paris and the support of 8 Virtual Stage Managers online. Core roles included:

  • Speaker database management and email communications
  • Dropin checks and briefings for speakers during the event
  • Event onboarding and supporting sessions on all 8 stages
  • A custom Freshdesk system to manage speaker communications
  • Zoom Meeting Management and PowerPoint support


Due to the limited preproduction time, we had to adapt our processes in order to ensure all the speakers were ready. Our speaker database system was central to this. It meant we could rapidly draw together speaker information in a single point, keep track of all status and session details, and easily send bespoke emails and calendar invites on mass.

At the event, our team managed presentation content for each session to support the wider production. In addition, our use of ‘drop-in’ briefing sessions had a real impact, offering flexibility to the speakers, higher quality sessions, and in a more costeffective structure. Ultimately, the event ran very smoothly and was a big success overall.

I received kind instructions before making a presentation and felt relaxed…it was first class. Virtual Speaker – CIGRE

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