Building Bridges Summit 2022

Client: Publicis Live

Sector: Finance

VIP's to stage


Virtual Stage Managers



We have worked with Publicis Live on Building Bridges, an annual event they manage and deliver, for the past two years. The event has a hybrid element, so although the number of remote speakers wasn’t defined, they needed to plan to accommodate for them many of whom were VIPs and offer the highest level of support and experience.

The local AV team couldn’t provide that real, high-level ‘redcarpet’ service for these speakers. We came in to manage this important aspect of the event, as well as to offer absolute confidence and control to the organising team.

Our role

We provided a small team of 23 Virtual Stage Managers for the event. The majority of speakers would attend onsite, but we were there to manage those that wished to join virtually. Our team undertook multiple roles, including:

  • Technical consultancy on the digital audiovisual event setup
  • Speaker onboarding and VIP briefings
  • Zoom management and support
  • Speaker database management and live arrival boards
  • Monitoring of all parallel streams on YouTube to ensure the final output was of the highest quality


Publicis are a leading European events agency, and our involvement in this event for two years is a testament to the quality of our service and team.

Speakers could choose to attend virtually right up until the event itself. So we needed to be able to adapt quickly and provide flexibility to support them accordingly whilst still offering a full ‘redcarpet’ service.

The feedback of our role was very positive, both from the team at Publicis, and also the wider event team, and we look forward to working together again on future events.

Ensuring that remote speakers, not only looked and sounded great, but were offered a real ‘redcarpet’ VIP experience was a key goal for the event organisers. Ben – GoRemote

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