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Working with a leading European Production Company, we were asked to manage speakers at an internal event for an international biopharmaceutical group. We’ve helped support multiple internal events for similar clients and came in to ensure all remote speakers were fully managed and supported.

There were 38 remote speakers, connecting from offices and homes worldwide including director and vice-president level as well as other highprofile internal speakers. The event also featured an awards ceremony with 20 nominees. All participants joined by Zoom, their feeds were then added into the production system and configured into a highquality, broadcast-level program which was ultimately streamed to the audience online.

Our role

We undertook onetoone briefings to make sure each speaker had the best setup and were fully briefed well in advance of the event. Speakers were able to book slots using an eventbranded booking system, which also generated calendar invites with key event details.

When the time came for presenting, we managed the process of getting speakers to stage according to agenda timings including final checks, briefings and liaising on comms when each was in position to be pushed live. As an extra level of support, we offered a telephone hotline for technical issues throughout the three days so, if needed, problems could be resolved quickly and easily without interrupting the flow of the event.


The client was very pleased with our professional yet peoplefocused approach to the event. Quickfire production needs were met with tight control over the speakers, who felt relaxed and confident to present or accept an award. We also worked closely with the technical and production team to ensure they maintained oversight and control.

Each virtual participant received a full redcarpet treatment’, and the production had absolute confidence that when a speaker was pushed live, they were fully prepared and ready to do what was needed this removed pressure and was a key factor in the smooth running of the show.

I’m very happy with the services provided by GoRemote on this project and would highly recommend them to any event organiser who has a substantial number of virtual speakers to manage – Jonathan – Event Production Manager

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