Controlling all the virtual moving parts of your hybrid event

With many congresses and conferences opting for a hybrid event structure for 2022, events teams will have to combine the virtual and physical event expectations into one seamless show. This crosses many areas, from interactivity through to platform management and speaker support.

Why we should retain hybrid events

In the past few months, many events have been returning to a purely physical approach, removing the virtual experience and all that events teams and attendees gained from having an online element to a congress or conference. Here we discuss what we might lose in moving back to in-venue and why hybrid is the smarter way for conference organisers to move forward.

The speaker’s journey

In order to achieve success in their session or on the stage, speakers must be confident, prepared and ready to present. When they arrive at the venue, there will be support from production and the ability to see the stage and understand the context of the event.