Why do your events need Virtual Stage Managers?

Stage Managers play a vital role in the effective production of physical events. We believe the role is equally critical to the successful delivery of online and virtual events.

At GoRemote we manage virtual stages, ensuring every speaker reaches their session looking and sounding great. From webinars to international congresses, we’ve supported hundreds of speakers at countless events. The result; smooth events with less technical issues and speakers able to deliver better sessions.

Smooth speaker journey

We ensure your speakers are clearly briefed and their technical setup is tested, so they are able to join the event with ease.

Aligned event production

With speaker arrival dashboards and event onboarding, we provide the tools and expertise to run a seamless online event.

Enhanced audience experience

Your audience will quickly switch off if they have a poor experience. Making sure speakers can be clearly seen and heard is crucial.

How we work

From speaker checks to successful sessions

Step 1


We manage your speakers from start to end with clear communication and expert advice.

Step 2


Speakers undergo checks and briefings to ensure they are fully prepared for the main event.

Step 3


With rehearsals and final event day checks, we make sure each speaker is ready for their session.

Step 4


During the event we manage the virtual rooms and webinar so everything runs like clockwork.

Why GoRemote?

Experienced staff

Every member of the GoRemote team is experienced in dealing with high pressure situations & solving ad-hoc problems

Effective communication

Our staff have the ability to communicate effectively with chairs, speakers, faculty, clients, and technicians alike

Technical background

The team are all from technical backgrounds and have a strong understanding of a range of technical processes

Platform agnostic

We regularly train our staff on a wide range of widely utilised video conferencing platforms, and we are equally happy working with bespoke tech

Multilingual team

Our Virtual Stage Managers are distributed across all the major European countries and speak a number of different languages

A team you can trust

Our team has worked on events with some of the world’s most established companies.

Our story

When COVID caused a devastating blow to the physical events industry, GoRemote’s founders Ben & Augustin, both with extensive virtual and hybrid event experience, helped their existing clients make the transition from in-person to virtual events.

After the first few large events though, it was clear something was amiss. In the physical world, Stage Managers greet, brief and support speakers, ensuring they are prepared and confident ahead of their sessions. In the virtual world, speakers might be asked to join a conference with little or no professional support or preparation. The digital events world needed Virtual Stage Managers.

Soon after this revelation, GoRemote was founded. Fast-forward just a few months and the team has provided Virtual Stage Managers across a number of prestigious virtual events in various industry verticals.

What our clients say

Get in touch

Whether you’ve got very specific requirements, or aren’t sure how to proceed with your virtual event, please get in touch via the form or by emailing us at enquiries@goremote.team

We’ll then drop you a line to arrange an informal chat (over Zoom of course!).

We look forward to hearing from you.