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What we do

Making your production work smarter, not harder

If you manage complex hybrid and virtual events, we give your production a competitive edge. Our mission is to implement more efficient, collaborative and intelligent event management, so you can deliver great results every time.

Expert production support

A pan-European network of event professionals

Highly experienced and cool under pressure, we provide support in both pre-production and onsite. From PPT to planning, our expert team ensure your event runs like clockwork.

The success of any event is based on the planning. Our team of production managers and producers ensure everything is coordinated to the highest level.

We’ve developed a suite of event management tools and technologies to better organise event planning, including Portl for Event Data Coordination, Remote Speaker Tests with Checkr  and Content Management using our Presentr system.

We believe that great events need specialised partners. We have built a network of event experts across Europe and can put you in touch.

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Remote speaker management

Delivering quality remote connections

As world leaders in the management of remote speakers, we've supported thousands, ensuring each delivered seamless, professional sessions at hybrid and virtual events.

Managing remote speakers is one of our core services. It’s something we excel at, having supported thousands of speakers to reach their stages looking and sounding their best.

Preparing your speakers and team at the event to ensure remote speaker is fully briefed, confident and ready to deliver the sessions.

A dedicated system to better manage speaker and session data at medium and large scale events. It centralises & standardises data, reduces error and improves collaboration.

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Event content solutions

Complete control over your event assets

Experts in event content, we provide an end-to-end management service for your event, through which to collect, approve and distribute your event assets in a structured way.

Through Presentr, our custom event content management service you can collect, monitor, approve and distribute event assets effectively and efficiently.​

Whether it’s a presentation or video, content is at the heart of any quality event. Our team of producers, PPT managers and video producers can help you design and produce eye-catching event material.  

As part of our Presentr service, it’s easy to manage files onsite. Assets can be locally synced to stages making it easy for your team, so no need for last minute dashing across the hall with USB keys.​

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GoRemote provides more effective and efficient productions so you deliver superior event experiences

How we do it

A network of event professionals and suite of dedicated production tools

Our experienced, pan-European network of multilingual event professionals are there to support your event from pre-production to delivery. This team is backed by a suite of production tools designed to enhance the planning and execution of your event.

Our expert team

Quality production support from initial planning through to the event
Our team is our biggest strength, a network of seasoned professionals balancing expert technical knowledge with the interpersonal skills of an event producer. Our experts are some of the best in the business and deliver event excellence every time.

Our smart tools

Dedicated systems and processes to enhance your production.
We've developed a range of event production tools to deliver more efficient, collaborative and intelligent workflows. These are designed to solve specific issues in planning and execution of high-profile events, so you have absolute control over your planning.

GoRemote Checkr

A unique system to test and optimise your remote speakers' sound, image and network.

It’s a simple, browser-based tool designed specifically for virtual and hybrid events, solving many issues brought about by remote presenters. It improves quality, reduces risk and gives you greater control over this important aspect of your event.

Examples of our work

As world leaders in virtual and hybrid events, we’ve worked across a range of events, from international congresses with over 700 speakers to exclusive VIP talks.

Paris Peace Forum

Ensuring 100s of global leaders looked and sounded their best on the virtual world stage.

The International Liver Congress

We worked with EASL and their digital ILC in both 2020 and 2021.

ESOT Congress​

Supporting The European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT) to deliver one of the world's first major hybrid medical congresses.


A major global climate event bringing together communities, entrepreneurs, investors, and talent to accelerate change.

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